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Cantigny de Noche

Wednesday, September 7, 6 pm
Free Parking for the first Wednesday of the month

Join us for Cantigny de Noche, our weekly “after hours” series featuring illuminated Art in the Park, activities, entertainment and refreshments.

Here’s the lineup for Wednesday, September 7:

Missing Alebrije | 6:30 pm

Visitors Center Gallery
An Alebrije has gone missing and it’s up to you to discover what happened to it! What looks like a normal Alebrije Art Walk turns to travesty when you stumble upon a crime scene littered with clues. The detective in charge can’t solve it alone and they need your help to bring the Alebrije home. There are three possible suspects, but only one is the dirty rotten thief. Can you put together the clues to crack the case? In this guided mystery at Cantigny you’ll be tasked with looking for clues, interviewing the suspects, and saving this one of a kind exhibit! $10 for non-members, $6 for members.

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Alebrijes Art Walk | 6 pm (daylight) & 8 pm (illuminated)

Step into the dream world of Cantigny Park’s summer art exhibit on one of this guided tour. Learn about the inspiration behind the sculptures and the methods used to create them.

We recommend bringing a flashlight for the illuminated art walk, as not all areas of the garden are lit.

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Bertie’s Café and Gift Shop open until 8 pm

Grab ice cream at Bertie’s and a souvenir in the Gift Shop.


Bar Service: Beer, wine & specialty drink.

Questions? Please call us at 630.260.8162.