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Military Through the Ages

Bandshell/Polo Field

Mark your calendars for Cantigny Park’s 3rd annual “Military through the Ages” timeline reenactment! Walk through history in our wide span of military encampments, ranging from ancient Rome to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the World Wars through the Vietnam War, and more. Visitors will not only be able to see how soldiers lived and fought throughout the history of civilization but also the progression of weapons, clothing, and technology that accompanied it.

Our encampments will be laid out in chronological order so you and your family can literally walk “through” time, guided by our friendly historians every step of the way.

Reenactment Timeline

  • 5th-4th Century B.C.: Greek Milchiean Hoplites
  • 1st Century A.D.: Roman V Cohors Gallorium
  • 1180-1250 A.D.: Crusades: Templar & Hospitoller Knights
  • Medieval Era: Austrian crossbowman
  • 16th-17th Century A.D.: Ukrainian Pereyaslav Regiment
  • American Revolution
    Crown Forces: 84th Regiment of Foot
    Crown Forces: King’s 8th light Infantry
    Continental Forces: 1st Regmiment Light, 5th Troop
    Philadelphia ladies returning home
  • War of 1812: First U.S. Fort Dearborn Garrison
  • Civil War
    Confederacy: Missouri Guerillas
    Union: 17th Corps Field Hospital
    Union: Garibaldi Guard
  • World War I
    American 28th Infantry Reiment Aide Station
    British 13 Divisional Cyclist Company
    American Captain Harry S Truman
    British soldier & kit
  • Post-WWI: American Legion Poppy Days
  • Interwar: Russian military memorial traditions
  • 1919-1920: Polish-Bolshivik War
  • World War II
    Soviet 50th Rifles Division
    American sketch artist
    German OKW High Command
    French Resistance, 1943
    American Pacific Theater
    Japanese pilot
  • Vietnam
    American Delta Company, 3/187th Infantry, 101st Airborne
    American Bravo Company, 327th Infantry, 101st Airborne
    American Charlie Company, 502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne
    American Army weapons & equipment
    American Navy weapons & equipment
  • Cold War: German Mowt. Schutzenregiment 24

Please ask Questions!

We like to talk about what we’re doing!
To the best of our ability and making allowances for space, we have tried to have the camps/displays in chronological order. Some units may have been inserted into available space and out of sequence.