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Monarch Butterfly Tagging

Virtual Program
Thursday, September 24
1pm – 2pm

What is Monarch tagging? It’s the process of netting a butterfly, (or raising one from a caterpillar/chrysalis stage), recording the sex of the butterfly, whether it was raised or wild and documenting the number of the sticker that will be affixed to its wing. These documentation sheets are to be sent on to MonarchWatch.org to assist with their study of monarchs and their migration.

Learn all about Monarchs, their migration, and the tagging process from Cantigny Educator, Mari Davis and Garden Specialist, Liz Omura. We hope to have at least one Monarch butterfly available for tagging that day and show you the process for netting as well as instruction on how to apply the sticker to the butterfly’s wing and then release the butterfly back to the wild!


You can order your own set of stickers as well as other butterfly-related items from the shop at MonarchWatch.org. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Learn more about why and when to tag Monarch butterflies at MonarchWatch.org.