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Seedy Saturday Seed Swap

Education Center
Saturday, February 18
1-2:30 pm
Cost: $5 fee includes parking

Want to add some new varieties to your seed collection? Connect with others in the local gardening community? Share some favorite seeds with others, find new favorites, and save some money in the process? Join us for our first-ever Seedy Saturday Seed Swap!

Hygeia Cabael, greenhouse grower, and Ellen Meyer, Cantigny Horticulture volunteer (and verified seed-a-holic), will guide our seedy swap meet.

What you need to do:

1. Register for the event (link below)
2. It isn’t necessary to bring seed to swap but if you’d like to donate:

  • Save seed from heirloom (non-hybrid) varieties
  • Separate seeds to allow air circulation. To keep from damaging the seeds, dry them out of direct sunlight. Drying the seeds induces dormancy. Allow one week.
  • Keep the seeds in a dark, dry location (32-41°F)
  • Bring cleaned (chaff free) seed that is no more than 2 years old
  • Package them in mini zip top or manila coin envelopes (purchase online or at hobby stores)
  • Minimum of 20 seeds per packet (for large seeds or ⅛ teaspoon for tiny seeds)

3. Label the packets with:

  • Name of plant and variety
  • Basic growing info
  • Email address so recipient can ask questions

4. Bring a bag or container to take your packets home

Local seed swaps promote the growing of plants suited to our specific growing area. Your $5 fee will be used for seed swapping supplies, signage, and providing a Seed Saving pamphlet. When our costs are covered any extra dollars will be donated to a local nonprofit garden-sharing organization.

Please park at our main entrance and walk to the Education Center.