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Shades of Crimson

Have you ever seen a sea of crimson? Why not make it a point to stop by and get a dose of color to rev up your holidays? And after you’ve seen our poinsettias, you’re welcome to make a day of it and visit our museums too–check out the Community Trees display at the Robert R. McCormick Museum!

Parking will only be at the main entrance on Winfield Road and cars should park in the Visitors Center lot. There is no entry fee for this program, but there will be a $5 per car parking fee at the gate. There will be a trolley available to take you to the greenhouse. This event is available for Park District and senior tours.

For more information, call 630.260.8162.

Poinsettia Display

We’ve got over 3000 poinsettias at their finest in our greenhouse poised to be put out on display in our buildings throughout the estate. And, if you would like one of these beauties in your own home, we will offer a variety of sizes in traditional and unique colors and styles for sale.

Purchase a Poinsettia

Poinsettias are sold annually at the Cantigny Shop and Golf Shop aro​und the holidays. Stop in and pick one up for yourself or a friend. ​​We offer special discounted prices for Shades of Crimson attendees.

SizeAttendee Price*Retail Price**

*Shades of Crimson prices include sales tax
**Retail prices do not include sales tax