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SOLD OUT – Meditative Walk in the Garden with Response Art

Education Center
Tuesday, May 9, 6 pm
Adults: $25

This experience will promote mindfulness as we stroll through the Cantigny gardens. While spending time within the environment, focusing on our senses without distractions, we will immerse ourselves in the here and now. After our mindfulness walk, we will return to make response art of our experiences. Use of art therapeutically has no rules or guidelines and is about connection with self. Materials will be provided for those in attendance. Prior to the walk a quick discussion will prepare us for mindfulness, connection with selves, and response art. No cell phones or outside distractions will be permitted during the experience. Recommended for individuals aged 16 and older.

Meet the Instructor:Emily Dubach has a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from Adler University in Chicago. Her undergraduate studies were done at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO, where she studied Psychology and Studio Art. She works with all age groups and backgrounds for individual and group art therapy and counseling. She uses, but is not limited to: painting, pastels, markers, water colors, music, journaling, and clay in a non-judgmental therapeutic space. Art therapy is used for healing, processing, understanding, and coping. No background in art making is required. Art making is used to promote mental health in individuals who open themselves up to the process.