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Things That Go – Kid Rock Event!

Adult/Child Program
Age Level: 1-5 years old
$10 per child, registration required, no parking fee.
Location: Education Center

Beep beep! Zoom over for some Kid Rock fun tailored to the transportation theme! By car, by boat, by truck, by plane; rocket ship, bicycle, wagon, and train! Our musical activities, use of imaginative play. And colorful rhythm instruments will be an exciting ride! It’s time to play, it’s time to run! Things that go are so much fun!

Rock ‘n’ Kids has been providing the Kid Rock program for children ages 1-5 years for 22 years at locations throughout the Northwest Suburbs. Sing, dance and play with us today!

Kid Rock is operated by Rock ‘n’ Kids, Inc. and has been providing music and dance classes and events since 1995. For more information about the program, visit www.rockitkids.com.