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Winter Seed Sowing for Beginners

Sunday, February 9th
$5 per person

Do you ever wish you could start seeds for your garden without all the muss and fuss of trying to sustain them indoors during the winter? There is a way! And it’s pretty darn easy…join us on a Sunday afternoon and learn the techniques of winter sowing in miniature “greenhouses” made out of gallon milk/water jugs. Cantigny staff horticulturist, Liz Omura, and Ellen Meyer, Cantigny volunteer with many years of winter sowing under her belt, will explain and demonstrate the process. You’ll then get to make 5 mini greenhouses of your own. We’ll provide a selection of seeds and the soil mix.

What do I need to bring? We’d like to ask each participant to bring at least 5 one-gallon milk or water jugs (rinsed out please; caps not needed) — you can ask friends and neighbors to save a few for you or take a walk in your neighborhood on recycling day and grab a few from local recycle bins. Another good source of jugs would be a nearby coffee shop — they go through multiple jugs per day! Also, a hefty pair of scissors and rimmed baking sheet or sturdy cardboard box (to transport your planted jugs safely back to your home). Optional: if you have special seeds you’d like to bring from home that’s okay too!