Day Visits

Cantigny Park is a magical place of recreation and educational adventures. Various youth groups frequent Cantigny throughout the year to climb, hike, run, learn and play.

Hiking Trail

Cantigny has a forested 2 ½ mile nature trail around the perimeter of the park. A map can be found inside of the Visitors Guide, along with a Tree Identification Guide to give youth a fun and informative experience. These guides are best utilized during the summer and fall months. Pencils are not provided.

Tank Park

The tank park at the First Division Museum houses 11 inoperable, United States Army tanks. Reading the informational plaques and climbing the tanks pull children into history to create an up close, and one of a kind experience.

Red Oaks Farm Playground

Our new playground is located north of the main parking lot, near the picnic area. Young visitors will love the swings, slides, and climbers. Restrooms and drinking fountains are located nearby in the picnic area.

​PEAK Packs

PEAK Packs introduce and explore the concepts of Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace is a set of principles for participation in outdoor recreation that seeks to minimize the impact on the natural environment. The program strives to educate all those who enjoy the outdoors about the nature of their recreational impacts as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts. Cantigny offers two Packs for use during a park visit:

  • The PEAK Pack includes six fun and engaging field-tested activities, which are designed to teach kids age 6-12 about Leave No Trace. Each activity or “module” can be delivered in 30-60 minutes depending on group size, available time, etc.
  • The Teen Activity Pack is a supplement to the PEAK program and consists of four educational activities designed for older youth audiences. These activities include: “Principle Presentation”, “Ethics Game”, “How Prepared are You?” and “Unlocking the Past.” The hands-on activities have been used to educate both teens and adults about Leave No Trace.

The Recreation and PEAK Packs are first come first served and are available at the Visitors Center Information Desk starting at 9 am. These Packs are free (with valid driver’s license and signed usage agreement). Recreation and PEAK Packs must be returned in their original condition. Packs can be checked out for up to three hours; packs loaned out after 2pm  may only have 1-2 hours of usage (all Packs must be returned by 5pm  ).

Please note: bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards are not permitted at Cantigny.


There are two official Cantigny caches here at the park. Look them up on and start your adventure today!


N 41° 51.413 W 088° 08.841

Come find this easy cache located near a wood-chipped path. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the sights of Cantigny!

Hidden Treasures

N41 51. ABC W088 09.DEF

This is a seven-stage multicache. The cache is not at the posted coordinates. To find the coordinates to the final cache, you will enjoy the beauty of Cantigny Park while visiting several points of interest.

Your first stop is at the posted coordinates A. At each of the waypoints below you will find a Cantigny Park point of interest. When you locate its name, match the name with the corresponding number to build the coordinates for this cache.

A N41 51.270 W088 09.377

B N41 51.106 W088 09.288

C N41 51.235 W088 09.188

D N41 51.270 W088 09.118

E N41 51.333 W088 09.162

F N41 51.366 W088 09.224

Download the Youth Group Planning Kit below for complete visit information

Youth Group Planning Kit