​Geocaching at Cantigny

There are two official Cantigny caches here at the park. Look them up on Geocaching.com and start your adventure today!


N 41° 51.413 W 088° 08.841

Come find this easy cache located near a wood-chipped path. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the sights of Cantigny!


Hidden Treasures

N41 51. ABC W088 09.DEF

This is a seven-stage multicache. The cache is not at the posted coordinates. To find the coordinates to the final cache, you will enjoy the beauty of Cantigny Park while visiting several points of interest.

Your first stop is at the posted coordinates A. At each of the waypoints below you will find a Cantigny Park point of interest. When you locate its name, match the name with the corresponding number to build the coordinates for this cache.

A – N41 51.270 W088 09.377
B – N41 51.106 W088 09.288
C – N41 51.235 W088 09.188
D – N41 51.270 W088 09.118
E – N41 51.333 W088 09.162
F – N41 51.366 W088 09.224