Digital Membership Cards

Cantigny is committed to reducing plastic waste and offering convenient alternatives for our member community. By having your card stored on your smartphone, you not only have your benefits right at your fingertips, but also are helping us in our mission to promote sustainability. Thank you!

Download Your Digital Membership Card

  • Download the eMembership app using the buttons above.
  • Select Cantigny Park
  • Select “Find My Membership Cards”
  • Enter your last name and either your phone number on file or membership number.

Common Questions

I don’t have a mobile phone or smartphone; what can I do?
Just email or call 630.260.8126 for assistance.

I downloaded my card, but now I can’t find it! Where did it go?
Simply search in your app library for eMembership. You can also add your card to your Apple or Google Wallet after downloading.

I renewed my membership, but the expiration date hasn’t been updated. How do I fix this?
To get your new expiration date, simply redownload your card following the steps above.

When I try to download my card, I receive an error message stating that I’ve downloaded the maximum number of cards allowed. What do I do?
Please email or call 630.260.8126 for assistance.