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Getting to Cantigny

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What is the cost to attend?
The exhibit is included with Cantigny’s regular parking fee of $5 per car. From June through September, the parking fee is $10 per car on Saturdays and Sundays.

Why not charge extra for this?
An extra fee was not considered. Cantigny wants the exhibit to be accessible for all visitors. In addition, free parking will be offered on June 1; July 6; August 3; September 7 & 17; and October 5.

When will the sculptures arrive at Cantigny?
Installation will begin in early May. Public viewing begins on June 1 with an all-day grand opening celebration set for Sunday, June 12.

Where will they be located?
Throughout the gardens and grounds. The large sculptures will be in open areas for maximum visibility and to allow visitors to walk around them. The small sculptures will be mostly in the gardens, carefully integrated with the plantings around them. A few alebrijes may be in surprising locations!

Can visitors interact with the sculptures?
The sculptures are fragile. Photography is welcome but touching or climbing is prohibited. Thank you for cooperating!

Will Cantigny offer any complementing alebrije programming?
Yes! Our summer and fall calendar will include ample tie-ins with the exhibit, such as garden tours, lectures, museum exhibits and concerts (including the renowned Mariachi Harencia de México on Sunday evening, July 31). “Creatures of a Dream World” will be a springboard for exploring many aspects of Mexican culture.