Alebrijes: Creatures of a Dream World

Our parkwide outdoor art exhibit featuring dozens of imaginary creatures inspired by Mexican folklore was on display June through October, 2022.

This colorful, fun, and family-friendly exhibit attracted many first-time visitors to the park, especially families. We are always interested in growing our audience. The exhibit is also a celebration of cultural diversity through art.“Creatures of a Dream World” was a springboard for exploring many aspects of Mexican culture at Cantigny. Garden tours, lectures, museum exhibits, and concerts tied in with the exhibit.

Six artists from Mexico City, recruited by the Mexican Cultural Center DuPage in West Chicago created the alebrijes. See their bios and contact information below.

Monumental Alebrijes

19 monumentales, large alebrije sculptures that are taller than wider than an SUV, were displayed at Cantigny’s gardens and grounds. They are primarily heavy steel frames with wire shapes covered in papier-mâché and lacquer-coated to protect them from moisture.

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Meet the Artists

Spirit Animals

30 smaller alebrije sculptures were displayed throughout Cantigny’s grounds and inside the First Division Museum. A few were hung from trees! These alebrijes were roughly five feet tall.


The organizations that made this exhibit possible: