Test Your Cantigny Trivia Knowledge!

General Cantigny Park Trivia

Which film below was NOT filmed at the Robert R. McCormick House?

a. A League of Their Own
b. Richie Rich
c. Baby’s Day Out
d. Citizen Kane

Colonel Robert R. McCormick wanted to honor six men by inscribing their names into his Cantigny home. Who does the name “Morgan” reference?

a. John Pierpont (JP) Morgan: 1837-1913 – Financier and banker
b. Sir Henry Morgan: 1635-1688 – Privateer
c. Brigadier General Daniel Morgan: 1797-1799 – American Revolutionary hero
d. Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan: 1866-1945 – Nobel prize winning scientist

Which of the following is not true?

a. Colonel McCormick helped name O’Hare airport.
b. Joseph Medill built Chicago’s first public library
c. WGN radio was used as Chicago’s first police emergency response system
d. Joseph Medill testified against Mary Todd Lincoln at her insanity hearing

How many social media platforms does the communications team manage for Cantigny entities?

a. 43
b. 32
c. 16
d. 5

How many press releases does the communications team distribute in one year?

a. 20-40
b. 40-60
c. 60-80
d. 80-100

The current Visitors Center building was originally what?

a. Col. McCormick’s stables
b. A guesthouse
c. A banquet hall
d. A kennel

When does Cantigny’s summer concert series typically begin?

a. July 4
b. Armed Forces Day
c. Memorial Day weekend
d. First day of Spring

How many trams does Visitors Services have?

1. 1
2. 4
3. 10
4. 0

What kind of bird is on the weathervane on top of the Band Shell?

a. A chicken
b. A turkey
c. A bald eagle
d. It’s not a bird, it’s a bulldog!

First Division Museum Trivia

What does the First Division Museum have in the middle of its lobby?

a. World War I Schneider Tank
b. French 75 field gun
c. German Pak 38 from World War II
d. 4 statues depicting the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the Mexican Punitive Expedition

What are the five missions of the military that are represented in the Duty First Gallery of the First Division Museum?

a. Battle, Defense, Airmobile Operations, Pacification, Arbitration
b. Battle, Counterinsurgency, Peacekeeping, Deterrence, Military Assistance
c. Battle, Litigation, Search and Destroy, Peacekeeping, Deterrence
d. Battle, Military Assistance, Peacekeeping, Capitulation, Training

Which of the following is not true?

a. The First Division has 36 Medal of Honor recipients, from World War I through the War on Terror.
b. The First Division’s current Commanding General is Major General John S. Kolasheski.
c. The First Division fought in Korea from 1951 – 1952.
d. Members of the 1st Infantry Division’s 16th infantry regiment liberated Falkenau and Zwodau, subcamps of the Flossenburg concentration camp.

How many Medals of Honor does the First Division Museum have in its collection?

a. 5
b. 2
c. 7
d. 9

Horticulture Trivia

Every year, around Thanksgiving, the greenhouse has an open house to showcase what?

a. Poinsettias
b. Roses
c. Tulips
d. Fertilizer

Why do the poinsettias change color in fall?

a. Due to the change in temperature
b. Due to the change in daylength
c. Due to a decrease in water
d. All of the above

What year was the volunteer program started at Cantigny? Hint: It was in the Horticulture Department.

a. 1987
b. 1990
c. 1994
d. 1984

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