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Purple Martins 101

Cantigny Golf
7:30 am

For the 11th consecutive year, Cantigny volunteer Ray Feld will present “Purple Martins 101,” an informative and hands-on workshop about North America’s largest species of swallow.

After sharing some facts and history about purple martins and describing how he maintains the Cantigny colony, Ray will lower one of the martin “hotels” to provide a close-up look at some young birds in various stages of development. A lot of work goes into keeping the martins safe and healthy as Ray will explain.

In addition to managing the purple martin colony, Ray and his wife Cecilia monitor the 50 bluebird boxes at Cantigny Golf and Cantigny Park. Like purple martins, eastern bluebirds benefit greatly from human intervention.

This is a free program and free parking. Cantigny Golf is located at 27w270 Mack Road in Wheaton.  Park in the lower lot and walk across the main drive to “Purple Martin Place.”

A folding chair and a water bottle are recommended.  (photo by Jim Frazier)