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Suburban Homesteading

Canning & Pickling

Le Jardin at Cantigny Park
Tuesday, October 24, 7 – 8 pm
Free with advance registration

In this installment of Suburban Homesteading, join us to learn the basics of canning and pickling. You’ll discover how to preserve the fruits and vegetables you grow in a safe, delicious, and sustainable way. Whether you want to start preserving your harvest or refine your skills, please join us so you can enjoy the things you grow all year round!

About Suburban Homesteading

Home gardening, as with other outdoor pursuits, began a growth spurt in 2020 that continues today. But even pre-pandemic and before food prices skyrocketed, modern “homesteading” was trending up—the DIY practice of becoming more self-sufficient in our daily lives through gardening and other home-based activities. This first-time workshop series at Cantigny covers some of the basic skills needed to help you live more autonomously and have fun doing it. If you aspire to a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, this series is for you!  You may sign up for as many classes as you wish.

This program is offered in person and online. Those who register in advance will not have to pay the parking fee upon arrival. To register for free click the button below.

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Meet the speaker: Jillae Langman-Dalmolin is the owner and founder of Wanderin’ Barefoot Farm, a small organically practiced farm in Campton Hills, IL, founded in 2016. WBF focuses on educating the community on how to be self-sufficient, grow their own food, and bring that food to the table and the pantry. WBF has organic vegetable gardens, herb gardens, flower gardens, bees, chickens, ducks, and much more. Jillae is a master canner and also teaches people how to can and preserve their own food. In addition to farming, she co-hosts the podcast, “Naturally Unhinged.”

Instagram: wanderinbarefootfarm
Facebook: Wanderin’ Barefoot Farm
Website: www.wanderinbarefootfarm.com

Questions about the event? Contact Jackie Gillaspie at jgillaspie@cantigny.org.

Suburban Homesteading Event Schedule

April 25: Basics of Suburban Gardening
May 23: Planting and Maintaining Your Suburban Garden
September 19: Fall Gardening and Preparation for the Winter
October 24: Canning, Pickling, and Preserving
November 14: Raising Chickens in your Suburban Backyard