Building the Future of Cantigny Park

Project New Leaf began in late 2016 and is taking place in phases. We expect completion in 2021. Our vision is clear and simple: to make this special place even better for all Cantigny visitors. The project will enhance almost every area of Cantigny Park, allowing current and future generations to enjoy the beauty and attractions of the 500-acre estate. The park remains open during Project New Leaf although certain features will close temporarily due to construction work. Cantigny plans a full calendar of events in 2020, as well as weddings, banquets and private functions.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this exciting time in Cantigny’s history. Good things are ahead!

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Here’s a brief project overview:

  • The project is currently in Phase II, which will conclude in late summer 2020. Phase III, the final piece, will begin in late 2020 and run through 2021.
  • This is the biggest change for gardens and grounds since the park opened in 1958. We’re creating better sight lines to expose more of Cantigny’s beauty and unify its elements. New garden areas are being created.
  • Other improvements: drainage, pathways, outdoor seating, parking lots, signage, lighting, playground, visitor safety and additional bathrooms.
  • The park remains open throughout project.
  • Visitors Center and First Division Museum renovations are complete.
  • McCormick House changes (Phase III) are still in planning.
  • Project New Leaf is funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation.

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