Thank you for joining our scavenger hunt! Below is the first of 6 clues. But first, let’s go over the rules.

  • You get the first clue here. It will lead you to an object or place at Cantigny Park. When you find the place or item snap a picture to share on social media or for your memories.
  • Now look for a sign holder with the next clue. (Hint: You may want to snap a picture in case you forget.)
  • Now head out to find the next object or spot. Repeat the snap and follow the third clue to the next area.
  • You get the idea…keep going until the end!


I am not made of dough but that’s part of my name, who am I? (hint: near the Visitors Center.)

First clue:

What can you hop from one to the other on at the playground?

Now go find your first object when you do, take a picture of it, then read the next clue that leads you to object #2.

Park Map