Alebrijes: Creatures of a Dream World

A five-month outdoor art exhibit featuring dozens of mythical animals inspired by Mexican folklore. “Alebrijes: Creatures of a Dream World” will be on display from June through October.

What is an alebrije?

The word alebrije—pronounced ah-leh-bree-heh—refers to imaginary creatures that possess elements from different animals. They originated from the vivid dreams of Mexican artist Pedro Linares. The artistic tradition of alebrijes gained popular exposure in the United States with Coco, the 2017 Disney/Pixar film.

Some 48 alebrije sculptures—some taller and wider than an SUV–arrived at Cantigny in early May.  They were created by six artists from Mexico City who participate annually in the internationally known “La Noche de los Alebrijes,” a parade and festival in Mexico City for “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). The artists will be on site and stay in DuPage through early July, demonstrating their skills at the park and making appearances in the community.

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Alebrijes Events

See the Exhibit and More

Admission to “Alebrijes: Creatures of a Dream World” will be included with Cantigny’s regular parking fee, currently $5 per car ($10 on summer weekends). Exhibit will be on display from June through October.

Before and during the exhibit, public and educational programming throughout DuPage will be extensive, from studio demonstrations and talks by the artists to lectures about Mexican heritage and culture. In addition, Cantigny itself anticipates numerous special events, such as themed garden tours and dinners, concerts by Mexican musicians, and artistic workshops for children.

How was Cantigny selected?
The Mexican Cultural Center DuPage had an idea for the exhibit and was looking for the right location to act as partner and host. Our connections to the Center through previous programs and our desire to make a greater impact in our neighboring community of West Chicago made this a fantastic opportunity.