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The historic Cantigny Visitors Center is the best place to start your visit.

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The Center itself is historic: Built by Colonel Robert R. McCormick as one of his horse stables, the Visitors Center served as the First Division Museum from the early 1960’s until the new museum opened in 1993. As you enter the Visitors Center and walk into the main gallery, your attention is drawn to a giant floor map.

Built at 1/25 scale to accurately reflect the Cantigny estate, you are encouraged to walk over the map and take in a birds-eye view of Cantigny. Next, stop in the Visitors Center to enjoy a short film highlighting Cantigny’s history and major attractions. The film is offered in English or Spanish.

Across the main gallery is the Joseph Medill Room. Joseph Medill was the grandfather of Colonel McCormick and he was the original owner of the estate. It was known at that time as Red Oaks Farm, but the Colonel renamed it Cantigny after the World War I battle in which his unit fought. The Visitors Center also houses Bertie’s Café.



Visitors Center Hours
November - April9 am - 5 pm
May - October9 am - 5 pm

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