Cantigny is an excellent place to watch birds, especially in the spring and fall! The 500-acre property features good habitat variety and is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

Organized bird walks at the park are conducted in partnership with the DuPage Birding Club. The walks are free, friendly and new birders are always welcome. Kids ages 8 and up are also welcome if accompanied by an adult. Please note that most walks have a participation limit (usually 15 or 20) and advance registration is required.

To stay informed, join the Cantigny Birding e-mail list​. You’ll receive bird walk reports and, occasionally, messages about rare birds seen on the estate. Send your request to Jeff Reiter at

Seasonal Bird Walks

Bird walks at Cantigny Park, Cantigny Golf and sometimes in neighboring St. James Farm Forest Preserve are held March through December in partnership with the DuPage Birding Club. Check the calendar for dates, locations and starting times, which vary by season. Most walks are capped at 20 participants. Binoculars are available for borrowing on a first-come, first-served basis.

Big Sit

Observing birds from one place, instead of walking around, can be an effective strategy. Birders call it a “Big Sit.” Our first such event took place on top of Cantigny Park’s Butterfly Hill in September 2019. It’s a great spot for viewing a nice variety of habitat in the park and on the Cantigny golf course. Check the calendar for more information.

Purple Martin Colony

Cantigny Golf is proud to host a thriving colony of Purple Martins, North America’s largest member of the swallow family. Look for the apartment-style houses on the right as you approach the Cantigny Golf Academy. There’s even a street sign: Purple Martin Place. The birds usually arrive in early April and stay until early August before migrating south.

Birding for All

Our “Accessible Birding” outings, inspired by and initiated in 2021, aim to make birdwatching more inclusive. For these walks, tailored for those with limited mobility, we stay on firm or hard surfaces–fine for those using canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Our pace is “slow and easy,” taking advantage of Cantigny’s new pathways and benches as we explore areas close to the Visitors Center. Beginning birders are welcome, and binoculars are available for borrowing.  Wheelchairs are also available for sign-out at the Visitors Center information kiosk.

Bluebird Nest Boxes

More than 50 nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds are located throughout Cantigny Park and Cantigny Golf. The houses are carefully monitored each year to measure nest productivity. Tree Swallows, Black-capped Chickadees and House Wrens sometimes occupy the houses, too.

Chimney Swift Tower

A custom-made tower was erected near the Idea Garden in 2012, a generous gift from Jackie Vernot and Ray Kotz. Swifts nested in it for the first time in 2015. The tower features a bulletin board with information about Chimney Swifts and the Cantigny birding program.

Enjoy the Birds of Cantigny!